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Mom Series: A new way of life

I’m officially a mom! Our little boy was born on September 30th; 2 weeks overdue. What a ride it has been since then.

People make comments and tell you things about being a parent before starting a family even crosses your mind. Everything that they tell you sounds so cliche, but in all honesty, lots of it’s true.

It’s true that you’ll never love something more then your baby, it’s true that as soon as they enter the world you forget about those labour pains you had just moments before, it’s true that you will constantly worry, it’s true that you will have nights you wonder how you’re going to make it to tomorrow and it’s true that you are entering one of the best and most challenging times of your life.

I’m only 7 weeks into this whole parenting thing, but I can already tell that these years to follow are going to be amazing.

As many of you know (if you followed me when I was writing on my stinky love blog) I kind of write whatever I feel like. I just love writing and sharing with anyone who may be able to relate, or wants to listen. Plus, We Three is all about creativity; whatever form it takes.

So here is the new ‘Mom Series’! If you see that in the title, just know its motherhood/parenting related. This will make it easy to track, and know if you want to read that post or not.

Whether you choose to read along with these posts in particular, I appreciate your continued support! This company means a lot to me, and I will be returning as soon as I figure out more of a schedule. I have some new and exciting ideas that are underway so stay tuned.

In the meantime feel free to contact me to order any custom work, wedding rentals or to order a shirt from our Canada 150 line.

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    Jen Hawkyard
    November 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Bravo on finding the time to write! Looking forward to the new series 🙂

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