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    Mom Series: Being Pregnant

    “I’m pregnant.” I thought as I stared at the faint, faint line on the test. I couldn’t believe it. Was this really happening? “We’re going to have a baby.”

    Pete and I have always talked about having kids, and we knew we wanted them ‘young’. We got married in 2014 and there was no real urgency to get pregnant. Though I think it was always in the back of our minds that we wanted it to happen soon.

    I went off birth control about a year before I got pregnant. I thought everything would resume as normal and that I would be pregnant in no time… that was not the case. Que the year of trying to get pregnant/get my period back/the year of tears. That story in itself is a whole other post (which i’m considering writing about).

    That year kind of threw things off a bit, but in early January 2017, when I least expected it, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it.

    “It’s happening…oh crap…is this really happening!?”

    That morning we had just purchased a new home, so our friends came by to celebrate with some champagne. As Pete went to pour some for me, I held my hand over my glass and said “Wait, I don’t think I should have some, because theres a chance I could be PREGNANT!” (it was still early so I didn’t want to get too excited). Pete stared in disbelief at the little test with the faintest line.

    I loved being pregnant. As many would see it I had an ‘easy’ pregnancy. I didn’t have much morning sickness, not too many aches and pains, and no weird cravings. Other then feeling like I was oversized, I felt like myself.

    In all honesty, I think a lot of it has to do with your mindset. Now some people may not agree, but I think that every symptom that did come my way, I took it as a reminder of how lucky I was to be pregnant.

    Don’t get me wrong, everyday of my pregnancy wasn’t perfect. I had days at the start that I felt sick, but I would force myself to eat. I had days at the end where I wasn’t sleeping very well, but I took it as my body getting ready for the sleep deprived nights ahead. I had days that I felt like I could cry one second, and yell or laugh the next. Not to mention all the worry; I would poke my belly to make him move to reassure myself he was still ok.

    But through it all I loved every second. My belly, feeling our little guy kick and punch, thinking of who he would be and all the things we would do together, what he would look like…everything.

    So here are a few tips to have a healthy and happy pregnancy:

    1. Have a Positive Midset
      When you start trying for a baby, or in the early stages of your pregnancy, prepare yourself for the changes to come. You need to get excited about the future and remind yourself that everything is temporary and in the end you will be holding your little one. When you find yourself feeling crappy, take some time to sit down, relax and think about all the beautiful things that are to come in your future. If it helps, go window shopping for baby items, or plan out your nursery. In the end you want to remain positive and not focus on those crappy symptoms.
    2. Workout/Keep Active
      Throughout my pregnancy I kept going to the gym and going for long walks. I think they were one of the things that kept me sane. If you worked out before your pregnancy, this will help you to feel like yourself as well as keep your body feeling light and (somewhat) ‘normal’. I didn’t find myself working out as much once my 3rd trimester rolled around, but I was doing at least two 30min walks everyday that I really enjoyed.
    3. Manage Your Cravings
      This is a big one. As I mentioned, I didn’t have many cravings. No late night runs for some french fries, chocolate or ice cream and pickles for this girl (and I love ice cream). It wasn’t till a few weeks before I gave birth that I was craving fresh baked cookies on a regular bases, BUT I didn’t always indulge. When you feel a unhealthy craving coming on, distract yourself. Try not to jump on it right away and think “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want.” because in the end it probably wont be worth the tummy ache. Go for a walk, do something that feels productive, or try to find a healthy alternative. I managed to do this throughout my pregnancy so in turn I didn’t gain too much (which I was worried about since I have a desk job). But really when it comes down to it, if you really want that cookie, eat the damn cookie.
    4. Enjoy the Bump (and all the changes that come with it)
      What you’re doing is amazing! You’re growing a little one that you will soon get to hold and love. Show that belly off! Wear those tight shirts, that bikini or romp around in your bra and underwear; it’s a beautiful thing! And believe it or not, you will miss it when its gone…at least I did. You will have days you feel ‘huge’ but other then it being extra weight to carry around, you don’t look as big as you think. Yes you will gain weight and yes your body will forever be changed, but it was all for a beautiful reason.
    5. Take All Advice and Comments with a Grain of Salt
      Of course when your pregnant people will give you a ton of advice and make many comments about being pregnant or being a parent. Some of it you may ask for, and some you may not. Regardless take what you want from what they say. If you find a small piece of value in it, great! But if you don’t agree with what they say thats okay too! Remember that you know what is best for you and your baby. People may make comments about what your eating, what your wearing and what your buying for your little one – try to brush the negative ones off. You do you girl! I can’t tell you how many times people said “Should you really be eating that?” or “You’re big!” I would just roll my eyes and sometimes throw in a smart ass comment. Shut them down and let them know that you’re fabulous!

    In the end it really is a short spurt of time that you’re pregnant. So make the best of it! It’s all part of this beautiful process. I know it can be hard to let things go and manage so many things when your body and emotions are on a rollercoaster, but trust me you can do it.

    In the end you wont think twice about that person at the store making a comment about you looking like your going to pop when your only half way, the time you indulged in all the cookies or the time you cried when that puppy commercial came on; all you’ll be thinking about is your little bundle of cuteness!

    What about you moms out there? What advice do you have for first time pregnant mamas? What helped you enjoy your pregnancy?